Port Olimpic: Barcelona’s Lasting Olympic Legacy

A Modern Marvel Born from the Olympics

Constructed with the express purpose of hosting the 1992 Olympic Games, Port Olimpic quickly became the crown jewel of the Nova Icaria project. This contemporary district allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the new while appreciating the ancient roots of Barcelona. Today, Port Olimpic is not just a and mega888
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Accommodations with a View

The Hotel Arts Barcelona: A Ritz Carlton Gem

The Hotel Arts Barcelona, part of the prestigious Ritz Carlton chain, is widely regarded as the city’s premier hotel. Guests are treated to stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, the cityscape, and the mountainous backdrop. The hotel is adorned with fine art, including works by Chillida and Susana Solano, and boasts top-tier restaurants and amenities. Its proximity to the beaches, marina, and The Spa by Six Senses, along with direct access to the Casino de Barcelona, makes it an ideal stay. However, for a peaceful night’s sleep, it’s advisable to request a room on the opposite side of the nightclubs or on a higher floor to avoid the vibrant disco sounds.

Culinary Delights

Enoteca: A Mediterranean Sensation

Within the Hotel Arts Barcelona, Enoteca stands out with its Mediterranean offerings crafted by Chef Jaime Perez, accompanied by an exquisite selection of Spanish wines. For a more casual dining experience, Arola and the Bar Marina are also excellent choices within the hotel.

Alternatively, a stroll down the Ramblas presents a variety of dining options, though caution is advised as authenticity may vary and the area is known for pickpockets.

Leisure and Entertainment

Boating and Beaches

Port Olimpic’s marina, originally designed for Olympic sailing events, is ideal for renting a speedboat or engaging in various water sports. The reclaimed beaches along the coast offer swimming and other aquatic activities. The marina, with its 700 berths, is surrounded by numerous eateries.


Casino de Barcelona: More Than Just Gambling

Adjacent to the Hotel Arts Barcelona, the Casino de Barcelona is a complex that includes three hotels, a bar, a disco, and the gaming facilities themselves, providing a comprehensive entertainment experience.