Discover the Charm of Dieppe: A Seaside Gem with a Rich History

A Haven for Wellness and Leisure

Dieppe, one of France’s oldest seaside resorts, has been a destination for relaxation and health since the first French thalassotherapy center opened in 1778. Initially offering sea baths with wooden structures on the beach providing bath linen and equipment, by 1820, treatments moved indoors with heated water to enhance vasodilation and facilitate the exchange of microorganisms.

Nestled at the foot of the iconic Partouche Casino, Dieppe boasts amega888
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medieval-style charm and offers unmatched rejuvenation opportunities. Cross the street, and you’re greeted by tennis courts and the famous seawater pool, which hosts a variety of aquatic activities. The rustic decor adds to the charm, with canoeing, sailing, and more available by the sea.

In 2007, Dieppe saw the opening of a new thalassotherapy complex aimed at fitness and leisure, reviving the grandeur of the original luxurious Sea Baths establishment frequented since 1822 by notable figures like the Duchess of Berry. This complex has helped Dieppe reconnect with its tradition of sea bathing establishments.
Cultural and Recreational Attractions

Dieppe isn’t just about wellness; it’s also rich in cultural experiences. The town boasts cinemas, the famous Dieppe Castle, and a pebble beach that serves as a gateway to a three-hour cruise to England. The town is known for its kite-flying contests, which take place throughout the year.

The pirate spirit is alive and well in the Casino, where games like baccarat are played in a swashbuckling setting. The casino’s vibrant atmosphere owes much to its youthful clientele, thematic decor, and the wide variety of available activities.

A City of Art and History

Since 1985, Dieppe has been part of the national network of Cities and Countries of Art and History, a label awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication to territories committed to promoting and enhancing their heritage. The town shines during the famous Heritage Days on the third weekend of September. The Dieppe Castle, a survivor of the Anglo-Dutch bombardment of 1694 along with the St Rémy and St Jacques churches, houses the city’s maritime memory and one of Europe’s most exquisite ivory collections.