DirecTV Takes the Confusion Out of Programming Packages

Every programming service provider claims to have the best programming packages at the best price on the market, but they all can’t be right. They all claim that they are the leaders in the industry in one area or another but they all can’t be leaders, because if they were all leaders, who is there to follow the leader and leaders needg followers to be leaders.


The folks at DirecTV aren’t concerned with what everyone else is doing, because all they care about is their own services and products for their customers. This is why DirecTV created the Total Choice series of programming packages.

This series of packages is so easy and simple to understand and the choices are so simple to make with Total Choice. It starts off with the Family Choice programming package which is their base level, or introductory package. It has forty great channels of programming and also has all your local standard TV channels on it.

It’s all your basic channels, but they are good channels and it is a well blended and balanced programming package. This would be a package that someone might choose if they were on a tight budget, because the price is so low on this package.

DirecTV does not charge for programming package upgrades, so if at any time you would like to add more programming to this base level package, or move up to another package, there is no fee for doing so. The next level of programming package in this series is the Total Choice package and it has a full one-hundred and fifty-five channels of programming in it to choose from.


With this programming package you really start to get into the programming choices. You have your choice of Hughes receivers when you join the DirecTV family of viewers, so you might think of selecting the receiver with the custom menu feature, because it allows you to set up your own menu of your favorite programs, so you don’t have to surf through all the channels every time you sit down to watch TV.

DirecTV gives free Sirius satellite radio starting with this programming package and all the others above it. So if you love good music or talk radio then you might take this into consideration.

Above the Total choice programming is the Total Choice Plus package that is packed with one-hundred and eighty-fi